Started doing Daily(ish) Sketches, just for fun. All creator-owned characters. First theme was Walking Dead. Very fun, as I found my groove tinkering around with these.

I also sell them every day here, if anyone’s into that sorta thing.

Occasionally, I chuckle at my own work.

Occasionally, I chuckle at my own work.

Ink progress on yesterday’s panel. CHEW #24.

CHEW Vol.5 TPB Cover. Probably will do a little more work on the baseball card character shots before this sees print in April.

Art for Circle of Confusion’s 2011 Christmas card. A return to the Arctic.

I was a freak for DBZ back in the day. Akira Toriyama’s art still influences mine, and I still have a soft spot for it.

Something old. 2007. Shortly before I began using red graphite.

Concept sketches for Spiderman Fairy Tales. The story of Anansi. REJECTED. I still like it, though.

Mustaches make me happy.